Kisoro district Launches AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine

A total of 4260 Dozes of AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine were received from the ministry of Health by district officials on 12/03/2021.
While launching the vaccine at the district hospital (Kisoro Hospital), the DHO Dr.Stephen Nsabiyunva, noted that a total of 30 health workers from five health centers where the activity will be taking place from were trained. He named the health Centers as Kisoro Hospital,Busanza and Rubuguri Health centers 4s and Muramba and Nyabihuniko Health Centers 3s and 6 staffs from each health center were trained.Dr. Nsabiyunva added that vaccination will be done in phased manner starting with health workers, teachers, security and Elderly. He noted that, there is no effect on the vaccine but it’s on individual basis, if someone consents it’s okay if someone doesn’t it’s okay. He told people who were present during the launch that they are two dozes and the second one called a boaster doze will be taken after 8weeks and vaccinating doesn’t stop infection.
LCV Chairperson Kisoro District Mr. Abel Bizimana was grateful for the government of Uganda for the vaccine and requested the masses to listen to experts not rumor mongers. The government has been administering other vaccines like that of polio, tetanus among others and therefore like there has not been any worry it should be the same case with COVID-19 vaccine.He requested all bafumbira who are eligible to be vaccinated to come in big numbers.
RDC Kisoro District Rtd.Cpt.Peter Mugisha noted that leaders should be exemplary citing how wanainch will not take courage to be vaccinated when their leaders are not. He became the first one to be vaccinated, followed by LCV Chairman, DPC Commanding officer, DHO, Medical Supretendant Kisoro Hospital among other.

Tuesday, March 16, 2021