Kisoro District Celebrated World Refugee Day and the Day Of African Child


LC3 CHAIRPERSON NYAKABANDE SUB COUNTY.Thanked partners for cooperating with the host communities but cautioned those that haven’t registered with either the Sub county or the District to do it as fast as possible since its illegal to work in a place where you are not known. Mr Ntawera funi Evary asked both the refugees and the partners to mind much about their security.
LEADER OF REFUGEES IN THE CAMP-He thanked the government of Uganda for receiving them always whenever there is a war in their country. He gave hope to his fellow Congolese that one day peace will prevail and they will go back to their home.
UNHCR SHEILA-on the Day of African Child, she noted that promoting children’s rights in this digital era is everyone’s job. She noted that many children learn a lot with the help of digital devices like phones and computer and encouraged parents to embrace it.She however cautioned everyone to mind much about child abuse done online. Children should be monitored while using the devices.
On World Refugee Day, she started by commenting on the theme for the day ‘’Hope away from Home’ where she encouraged stakeholders to always include refugees in everything. She appreciated the Kisoro district leadership for providing land where refugees are occupying. She thanked partners for taking care of refugees as well as the Kisoro district communities that co-exist with asylum seekers peacefully.
OPM-DEP.COMMANDANT-in his speech, he started by saying that World Refugee Day is an important day to celebrate in the lives of both refugees and the host communities. He noted that Kisoro has been receiving refugees but in 2022-2023 the numbers were 2022,Kisoro district received 76,432 individuals of 37,956 House Holds and in 2023,10,462 individuals of the 5,697 Households. He told participants that hope for the refugees should be done in action. He thanked Kisoro district for receiving refugees with open hands.
Refugee Focal Person MR KWIZERA GEORGE who is also for the Principal assistant CAO thanked partners for organizing the function. He noted that Uganda has an open-door policy that is why we receive refugees from different countries. He again appreciated the partners for managing the refugees always by providing for them in many ways.
Mr Hakizimana Martin the secretary for social services who represented the LCV chairman noted that we celebrate the world refugee day not because we are happy because some people were forced to leave their homes, we celebrate because they were not hurt or killed while they were running from wars in their countries. He noted that anyone can be a refugee anytime any day and for that matter we should treat refugees with extra care. He appreciated the LC3 chairpersons from the border sub counties for receiving and handling refugees with dignity whenever there is an insurgency across. On the Day of African child, he requested parents and guardians to guide their children as they grow in this digital era.

Thursday, June 22, 2023