Production & Marketing

The Sector is composed of Tourism, Agriculture, Commercial services, Fisheries and Livestock services. The sector ensures that the population is food secure, gets employment and household incomes. The District is endowed with fertile volcanic soils, two rain seasons, 4 lakes and rivers, two National Parks and boarders 2 international boarders. The District produces Irish potatoes, beans, maize, sorghum, bananas cabbages onions, tomatoes and passion fruits. Also available are domestic animals kept for income to the household which include goats, cattle chicken and pigs. In Tourism sector the district received 6913 tourists in the FY 2014/15.
Recent developments in the sector include the implementation of single spine extension structure, operation wealth creation supplying agricultural inputs, enhanced regional cooperation under COMESA and East African community, trans -boundary cooperation in tourism, promotion of tea as a major cash crop and up coming agro processing industries like Tea, Irish potatoes and milk.
In the last 5 years the sector has received increased budgetary and non budgetary support to the sector.
As a Sector we have learnt that networking, coordination and cooperation with all stakeholders is critical and leads to efficiency service delivery. Enterprise selection according to different zones is critical for increased production and productivity.