 Health is administered in the three health sub-districts of Bufumbira
North HSD, Bufumbira East HSD and Bufumbira South HSD.

 The district has a total of 3 health sub districts, 41 health facilities graded according to the level of services available and their responsibilities.
 Second level referral services for the HC IVs such as blood transfusion, caesarian sections, and other medical and surgical interventions are being implemented at Rubuguri HC IV and Chahafi HC IV. Its only Busanza HC IV which has no Operating theatre.
 All health facilities have qualified staff

Note: The 41 Health Facilities include Rwingwe HC III and St. Johns
Nyagisozi HC III which are new facilities;

however St. Johns Nyagisozi HC III has to go through UCMB to Access
PHC. Rwingwe is already on PHC list for 2020/2021.


“A healthy community for economic growth and social development”
To contribute to the wellbeing of the people by providing efficient and effective health services Sector goal:
To contribute to the attainment of a good standard of health of people living in Kisoro district in order to promote a healthy and productive life. This will
lead to expanded economic growth, increased social development and eventually poverty reduction.

These include;
 To implement the Uganda National Minimum Health Care
Package up to individual household level.
 To prevent and control both communicable and non- communicable diseases.
 To improve on maternal and child health care services.
 To improve functionality and coverage of Village Health
 To have all health facilities stocked with essential medicines
and health supplies.
 To improve on human resource for health.
 To strengthen Health Management Information System.
 To improve on health systems development.
 To improve sector monitoring and quality assurance

Treatment and care for patients in OPD services are offered in all health facilities.
Treatment and care services for patients in inpatients wards
are offered in the 2 hospitals, 3 HC IVs and 16 HC IIIs.
ANC & delivery services are offered in 2 hospitals, 3 HC IVs, 16 health Centre III and 2 HC IIs.
Immunization services are offered in all health facilities in the
HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing is done in all HC IIIs, IVs and hospitals.
Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission services are
offered at the two hospitals, three HC IVs and 15 HC IIIs.
Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) services are offered at all Hospitals, HC IVs and HC IIIs. The Ministry of Health is in process to accredit the remaining HC IIIs to offer the ART service
 Family planning services are offered at all levels of health care in the district.
 Major surgical procedures are done in the two
hospitals and two health Centre IVs.
 Minor surgical procedures are done in the two hospitals and three HC IVs.
 Health education is carried out in all health facilities in the district.