The department is mandated to provide quality and relevant education which should be affordable by the government and majority of the people. The department is manned by the District Education Officer, Assistant DEO ( Principal Education Office), District Inspector of Schools, District Sports Officer , one Inspector of schools and 2 support staff. It is categorized into Administration, inspectorate, Special Needs Education, Games and sports. Recently the department has been renamed as Education Science Technology and Sports. Currently the department is understaffed and has no sound vehicle to carry on inspection and monitoring work. The department is generally underfunded.
The district has 139 primary schools, and a total enrollment of 75,602 pupils. When compared to the 6-12 old children, the age group for primary school, the primary school enrollment in the district is 126 percent The Gross enrollment ratio (GER) is above 100 in all sub counties except Kanaba( at 86 percent) The high GER could be attributed to the cross-boarder influx of pupils from Congo ad Rwanda, and the enrollment of children outside recommended age range for primary. Many children below 6years are enrolled in primary schools largely because of limited schools providing pe-primary or nursery education. In addition, many children above 12 year are still in primary school, because of late starting and frequent drop out and restarting. The Dropout rate in the District is 25 percent majority of whom are girls. The major reasons for the high dropout rate and absenteeism included but not limited to attending to domestic issues, petty trade, limited parental and community support to education. It has also been noted that Teachers absenteeism is caused by attendance to personal issues, lack of access to some services in their localities and general laxity.