Political and Administrative Structure

The District comprises of five constituencies namely Kisoro Municipality, Bufumbira South, Bufumbira East, Bukimbiri and Bufumbira North. Kisoro District like any other  has representatives in the Parliament of Uganda. Kisoro Municipality is represented by Hon. Paul Bucyana and has three divisions that is Central, Southern and Northern divisions. Bufumbira South represented by Hon Alex Niyonsaba Seruganda comprises of Chanika Town Council, Chahi Subcounty, Nyarusiza subcounty, Nyakinama Subcounty, Muramba Subcounty and Bunagana Town Council. Bufumbira East constituency is represented by Hon Dr. James Nsaba Buturo and is made up of Chahafi Town Council, Murora Subcounty, Nyakabande Subcounty and Kanaba subcounty. Bufumbira North constituency is represented by Hon. Nizeyimana John Kamara and comprises of Rukundo Town Council, Nyarubuye Subcounty, Busanza Subcounty and Mupaka Town Council. Bukimbiri constituency is one of the recently created constituency  representated by Hon Eddie Kwizera Wagahungu. It was curved out of both Bufumbira North and Bufumbira East constituencies. It is made up of Nyabwishenya Subcounty, Nkuringo Town Council, Kirundo Subcounty, Rubuguri Town Council, Bukimbiri Subcounty, Nyanamo Town Council and Nyundo Subcounty. The district has also a woman member of parliament Hon Sara Nyirabashitsi Mateke.