Works & Technical Services

The Works and Technical services department is comprised of the subsectors of Roads , Buildings, Mechanical , Water & sanitation and electrical sub sectors. The department is responsible for maintenance of community and feeder roads, maintenance of government buildings, Supply of safe water, sanitation and hygiene improvements in rural communities and repair and maintenance of district equipment.
Kisoro district has a total road net work of 260.0 km of feeder roads which are in fair condition. Safe water cover is 46.4%compared to the national standard of 65% while sanitation stands at 75% as compared to the National standard of 77%. The district has a number of buildings with more than 80 % requiring renovation. The district has road equipment comprised of two motor graders, chain loader, Vibro roller and two tipper trucks in poor condition.
Over the last five years, the department has experienced budget cuts mainly in roads and water sectors which has grossly affected the implementation of activities.
The district has experienced encroachment on road reserves and declining interest on community contribution on water related projects.