Kisoro district council today approved UG.SHS 48,105,704,000= budget for the next Financial Year 2023/2024 during the council meeting in the district council Hall. According to this budget Education and sports takes a lions share of 22,143,322,000= about 46.0% followed by health 14,852,521,000= at 30.9%,administration at 3,923,243,000= at 8%,Roads and engineering 2,124,511,000=at 4.4%, Water 881,251,000=1.8% among others. Todays budget was read by secretary for Finance Ms Tumwakire Bernadine Councilor representing Nyundo Sub county in the District Council.

The allocated funds in various activities will be used to preform different activities in line with the responsible sectors. According to the budget,2,124,511,000 was allocated to works and Technical services and the funds will be used for routine manual maintenance on 307.2km of the district feeder roads and mechanized maintenance of Nturo,sooko-kidandari road,murara-foto-muhanaga roads,hakasharara-kafuga,sebutare-kampfizi-park,Nyakabande-nyabihuniko and removal of landslides from mucha-mushungero-mupaka road section, There will also be rehabilitation of Bikorora and Nyamikumbi bridges in Nkuringo Townn Council.

The 22,143,322,000 that was allocated to education and sports will concentrate in construction of classroom blocks in Ruko,gifumba and Karambi Primary schools. Constriction of 5stance VIP latrines in primary schools of Karago,Nyarusiza,busengo and Kinanira,construction of 2 classroom blocks at Rutare and akengeyo primary schools and construction of Mwumba progressive SS.

14,852,521,000 allocated to health will be used in the phased constriction of the General ward at Gitovu HC II and completion of two wards in two HC.

The 881,251,000 allocated to water, will be used on spring protection in Mugombero in Nyakabande,chorero and Gahwiriri springs in Busanza and Nyarugando in Nyarubuye including construction of communal rain water harvesting tanks.
The budget was approved by councilors together with different work plans.

Monday, May 29, 2023