Construction of USD 1.3M One Stop Border Post starts at Bunagana Border.

The government of Uganda through the ministry of Trade Industry and cooperatives and ministry of works and transport on 12 March 2021 launched a border point at Bunagana Border in Kisoro district worth 1.3m Dollars.
A project that was contracted by Techno Three Uganda Limited under the supervision of KK partnership architecs with the fund from World Bank and Great Lakes Trade Facilitation Project Uganda (GLTFP) will take one year according to KK Team leader. He noted that they have a total land of 5 acres where the project is going to sit and they intended to improve and renovate the current URA Building at Bunagana Border and if finance allows they will renovate immigration building too.
During the launch, minister of works and Transport Gen.Edward Katumba Wamala, noted that they were witnessing the milestones from the government as one of its promises to its people. He congratulated Techno Three for having it and tasked them to deliver like they promised. He tasked them to deliver quality work and to make sure in 12 months they are in the same place commissioning the same project. Thanked World Bank for the money and Kisoro district that provided land where the facility is going to be built. In the same spirit he noted that the leadership of Kisoro district should have eyes on and requested the contractor to consider local labor content.
Minister of trade industry and cooperatives Amelia Anne Kyambadde applauded ministry of works and Transport for the great work they are going to do in the 12 months. She congratulated Kisoro district for working together in finding a place where to put the project. She noted that it will facilitate trade at the border and the key mechanism is to reduce poverty, consolidating regional cooperation and increasing trading services in the region. She also asked bafumbira to come on board as suppliers of stones, cement and other building materials so that local people can be the first beneficiary.
LCV Chairperson Kisoro District Mr.Abel Bizimana noted that the project is going to change Kisoro and the entire area. Bizimana applauded government of Uganda for the roads it’s going to construct in RDC saying it’s another project that is going to benefit Kisoro since many people are going to find jobs.
RDC Kisoro District Rt.Cpt.Peter Mugisha appreciated government for the big facility that is going to be put at Bunagana Border point. He noted that Kisoro people has a lot of business with their colleagues from DRC and the facility is going to increase the trading services.

Monday, March 15, 2021